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Home Renovations

Home Renovations
Home Renovations
Home Renovations

Renovating your home can increase both the value and enjoyment of your home. There are main reasons people renovate:

  • Add extra space to accommodate an expanding family, or simply to add a sense of spaciousness.
  • Add rooms for special purposes, such as an office or games room.
  • Change the configuration of the house for better flow, ease of use or orientation to sun and views.
  • Update and remodel to give the house a fresher, more modern look – this could involve major changes such as taking out walls to enlarge a room, putting in a new kitchen, or installing new wallboards and ceilings. Or it could simply be a matter of painting or wallpapering.
  • Restore the house to its original style (while adding modern features in some areas, like the kitchen and bathroom).
  • Add value to increase your investment.

If you are renovating your home in order to sell, it is likely that you’ll want to give the house an inexpensive makeover to freshen it up and make it more attractive to buyers. For example, repainting, repapering, or changing dated or damaged fixtures, such as a cracked basin in the bathroom.

Renovations that will increase the appeal of your home may include painting the kitchen and bathroom, or putting in some decking to give an indoor-outdoor flow and an increased sense of space or some landscaping.

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