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Solar panels

Solar panels
Solar panels
Solar panels

Our reliable and professional solar power installers are able to provide hassle-free renewable energy systems for commercial and civic buildings. We are able to install solar panels for commercial buildings as well as industrial and agricultural buildings, whether in the private or public sector, using our extensive experience to provide a service that is well suited for businesses and organisations. 

Our Solar systems offer

  • Pollution Free Renewable Electricity
  • A to Z Solar PV Analysis, Design & Installation
  • Years of Electrical Experience
  • The highest rate of customer satisfaction in Utah
  • Licensed Electricians to install every system

Throughout Ireland an increasing number of home-owners and businesses are investing in solar and energy efficiency improvements. J Doyle construction, with one of the most highly qualified solar design and installation teams in the country, also has extensive experience in an array of energy efficiency services, which separates us from many solar companies out there. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you achieve your energy goals!