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Attic Conversions Kerry

Attic Conversions

Purchasing a bigger property with more storage and maybe more room may seem like the only option for more space. But that isn’t the truth, as before you decide to sell your house for a larger one, there are several other alternatives to consider, including considering a room conversion.

An attic conversion is a perfect way to use the dead spaces of your house, which can reflect 20% of your square footage. By converting a completely empty attic, for instance, into a functioning room in your home that fully meets your needs and budget, you can gain a lot of advantage. Typically this area can be transformed into a bedroom, office space, a gym or even a storage space.

An attic conversion is an essential home improvement project that will take up most of your attention for the duration of the project. However, the benefits of this type of home improvement project far outweigh the temporary costs and inconveniences it may create, as it will add not only extra space to your home but it can also add to the financial value, which will grow over many years to come.

When converting an attic into a room, it is necessary to collect all of the required information, materials and other elements you need to make sure this conversion is done correctly, suiting your structure perfectly and does not end up costing you a lot of money. And that’s part of our job; you don’t have to worry about anything but the style you desire. The good thing about conversion is that you don’t need planning permission for attic conversions if you’re just transforming the empty space into a room without changing the structure of the roof.

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It is clear that not all construction projects are the same size, and therefore do not have the same duration of construction. However, with J Doyle Construction, we are committed to a structured plan, which includes all the steps and their deadlines so that you don’t feel lost, and you can see the progress of the work. From the structural design of the plans to the finishing of the details, from the most modern house to the most classic home, J Doyle is the builder for you! Our team guarantees you a result that meets your expectations.

If you are considering choosing an attic conversion, you have come to the right place. We are experts in attic renovation; we provide our customers with unparalleled professional service and they, in exchange, place their trust in us when they allow us into their property to renovate it. We treat each house as if it was our own.

An attic conversion is also a great way of transforming the empty room right below the roof into another living space, providing you with a view that you have not always noticed. Attic windows refer to windows that are usually higher positioned than the others in your house, which offers an excellent opportunity to see your environment from a completely different viewpoint. So in a county as beautiful as Kerry, why not take advantage of a large window in your attic? What do you think about a lovely bedroom with a view of the sky?
Well, our company provides the service you need so that you, your entire family, and your guests can use your attic and enjoy the extra space created.

Without stress, an attic conversion can be one of the most cost-effective ways to add space to your home.
With additional room and storage space, this will, in turn, add value to your house. This will prevent you from having to extend into the garden, making it a smart investment. Attic conversions vary in price depending on what you are looking for, along with the size of the transformation.

You bought new furniture lately, and you don’t know where to put the old one? An attic conversion can give you the space you need and quickly and effectively solve all your problems. In fact, you can organize your life better with an attic renovation. It can provide you with the most functional additional space to satisfy all of your home needs. Thus, an attic conversion is the best option if you need extra storage space.

Our team, made of professionals, has vast experience in the attic and has transformed many attics during the past, from high ceilings to vast areas, small storage spaces to attics with a new skylight and bathrooms… Over the last few years, we have performed many attic conversions.
The quality of our work is the highest. In all our projects, we have made sure that building regulations requirements were met and adhered to. What is sure is that with our service, you will be more than satisfied with your attic renovation.

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Attic conversions can significantly increase the value and functionality of a home by taking advantage of additional living space. You have many possible options such as a new room such as a bedroom, office or entertainment room. We can help you decide whether it is feasible to undertake the project. You should take these points into consideration

  • If the slope of your roof is not steep enough to provide enough flat ceiling space or adequate wall height in your converted attic, you will probably have to make structural modifications.
  • A finished attic space needs to be accessible by a set of straight or corkscrew stairs leading to a standard sized doorway.
  • Framing the walls and ceiling.
  • Hanging drywall.
  • Installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Installing electrical outlets and phone jacks.
  • Installing plumbing, if applicable.
  • Accessing natural light via standard windows, dormers or skylights.


If you are looking for a Home Renovation Contractor in Kerry, Cork, Limerick or Tipperary, then you have come to the right place! J Doyle construction has proven that they are industry leaders in Home Renovations. We focus on satisfying the needs of home-owners, one home at a time, one job at a time. Our success is based on serving the home renovation market and serving it better than anyone else.

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Attic Conversion Ideas

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