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Have you ever dreamed of your own private room in your house, where you can relax without being interrupted? You may have always wanted a pool table or dartboard but don’t have enough space for it? Or are you perhaps an artist who just needs a place to work on your artwork in peace? The answer to all these questions can be summed up in 1 single sentence: Turn a room into a space you can enjoy!

Among all the projects we have been able to carry out, the creation of the Gaming room is the one that came up often. Gaming rooms are fun and interactive areas that you can decorate and integrate all kinds of equipment you want, especially in the way you want it. Providing a unique and exclusive space to play video games, for example, is a dream come true for many of our gamers clients.

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Building a gaming room

Some essential things need to be clarified and considered before you start. It is necessary to first think about the room’s purpose and function, then square footage should be taken into account, and finally, the costs associated with the construction of the room must also be taken into consideration. 

The space you have disposable in the room is the first element to consider. Size is the most crucial factor when designing a video game room or a simple gaming room because, if you are going to place a pool table or other large item in it, you must be sure that each element fits perfectly, without cluttering the room… 

Sometimes a room can only be big enough for a pool table but does not allow anything else necessarily. Therefore, it is necessary to imagine and plan the room construction with people, tables, furniture, and decoration. 

In addition, will the room only be devoted to a pool table and a billard, or will it be used for other purposes? If you want a room for other games, socialization or entertainment, a larger area might be necessary, particularly if you renovate an existing room.  With larger space, various features, such as a pool table/game room, as well as a home cinema and enjoyable bar area, can be added to the room in a creative way. This is where we come into action. Indeed, we guarantee to help you and answer any of your doubts that may arise.

The second important thing to consider is electricity. Depending on your needs and what you plan to install in terms of lighting, we make sure that your room is structured to accommodate elements such as a screen, a TV, or even a games machine.

The last point, but certainly not the least, is the cost. We offer all kinds of services for the creation of your piece, and we can help you bring your ideas to life. It is important to remember that each idea will have a different budget depending on the size and accessories desired.

As a challenge-loving company, we are ready to take on challenges regardless of size and ideas.

If it’s for yourself, pool tables and game rooms are common places to have fun with your family and friends. The development of a billiard room is an opportunity to be enjoyable and imaginative to refurbish and build. 

Other clients are seeking to renovate or to add a pool/games room for different functions. For instance, the addition of a wine bar to drink with friends is becoming more and more popular, adding computers with board games or video games is also very common.  You will have the best structural design advice to help you create a fun and entertaining space for family and friends by working with us.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us, and let’s start designing the gaming room of your dreams! Go check out pictures of our previous projects on gaming room construction. In case you have any doubt, or for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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