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Before outlining the benefits that a water chamber can provide, it is necessary first to define what a water chamber is. A wet room is a shower space in a bathroom that has a sealed level entrance making it easily accessible. Water rooms can be installed on any level of your home. Water simply drains into a chrome trap located in the shower area.

There are many advantages to installing a wet room. Firstly, a shower room is very beneficial for people with reduced mobility. A shower room can transform a small shower space into a much more comfortable and accessible shower space for people with limited mobility or wheelchair users, for example.
Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, as they increase safety, especially for elderly or disabled people. They reduce the risk of slipping when entering or going out of the shower.
Thanks to a water chamber, you can say goodbye to the often difficult to clean shower trays. With this kind of renovation, you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your bathroom.

The shower rooms combine modernity and safety at the same time. When it comes to the design of the wet room, there are all kinds of styles: contemporary, functional, mosaic or even luxury. There is something for everyone! When you build a water chamber, you can absolutely customise it to your taste and needs. Do you prefer a black tinted glass shower that will bring a different style to your room and a more intimate atmosphere? Why not a shower with a completely transparent glass that will get the effect of entering a larger room or a shower with a sliding door ?…all options are possible! And we are here to help you every step of the way in the building process so that you make the right choice and don’t regret it. We can provide you with practical and expert advice and ideas to ensure a stress-free experience.

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Wet room construction

Few technical things to know:

Note that the minimum recommended space for a shower tray is 800 x 800mm.

No planning permission is required for the installation of a shower room unless it is located in a new extension. However, specific building regulations apply if you are converting an existing room or working on a new build.

In addition, the installation of a wet room requires the involvement of a drainage expert. Waterproofing the area is vital, which is why we choose plumbers we can rely on.



The water chambers are fully sealed, so there is no possibility of leaks. They are also compatible with underfloor heating and are suitable for all types of floors, including concrete and wooden floors. In addition to being non-slip, they allow for the versatile use of the available space. A wet room is considered by many to be the ultimate way to transform your bathroom into a luxurious, spa-like space.

Installing a wet room will undoubtedly give your home that extra “wow” factor. If you are considering selling your home, it will also add value. This is provided the wet room has been installed correctly.
A wet room can be the perfect solution for you if you want to make the most of your bathroom space. Wet rooms can be specially built to adapt to small or large areas and also provide a simplified and more convenient solution than trying to fit a traditional shower or bathroom into a small space.

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Wet room

It is vital that when constructing a wet room, the slope/fall is formed in the wet room floor itself. The floor must never be flat, and tiles can never be used to make the drop.
A shower tray is the best way to build this slope or fall. These can be bought with defined waste positions in standard dimensions, or we can customise them to your exact requirements. Most of these products can be cut to satisfy a particular requirement.

Usually, a shower tray specially designed for shower rooms will be installed. It should be laid flush with your floor, then tiled and covered with a drain cover leading to the waste outlet.

Before installing the tub and tiles, the bathroom or shower room floor must be rigid and stable. This is obviously not a problem on a concrete floor, as mentioned above. Still, in most traditional Irish homes, the main bathroom is located on the first floor, so the wooden joists must be stabilised in the immediate area of the shower and eventually throughout the bathroom. Our team is used to this type of construction, and we are experienced in this type of construction, and we will do our best to ensure that the joists are stabilised.

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